DIY - Do you or don't you?

Know your limitations


  • Is it worth you doing the DIY
  • Do you have enough DIY practice or experience
  • Are you properly equipped to DIY the job
  • Do you know how to DIY the job
  • Do you have the time for the DIY
  • Are you allowed to do the DIY: ie. Electrical or Corgi certification, complying with building regulations etc


Be prepared


  • Pick your DIY time Carefully
  • Store up your DIY jobs and do them together for minimal disruption
  • Prepare the House and area for the DIY, dust sheets etc
  • Organise before the DIY, The enemy of DIY is Clutter
  • Know where your DIY stores are before starting
  • Arrange for Children to be away, DIY & Children don't Mix
  • Keep DIY trade contacts at hand for emergencies
  • Make sure you know how to turn of essential services off - water, electricity, gas etc.  before starting DIY


 Things to Consider when calling in the Tradesman/Professionals


  • Get a Personal recommendation for the Tradesman/Professional
  • Find the Tradesman/Professional through a reputable Trade Organisation
  • Choose a Tradesman/Professional who is registered with a reputable Trade Organisation
  • Get more than one Quote
  • Know the difference between a Quote & an Estimate
  • Ask for a full explanation of the quote/estimate so that you understand everything


Note: If in doubt call in a reputable Tradesman


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