Keep the DIY Simple


When thinking of or planning DIY for your Home. Dont get complicated or fancy, keep it Simple.


Indoor Decorating

- Choose your bedding, curtains etc. before deciding wall colour
- Use a small sample pot to paint on the wall before deciding
- Remove all the clutter before painting
- Protect floors, cabinets & furniture with old sheets
- Use ready mixed skimming plaster to smooth uneven walls, cracks & holes
- Always Read the instructions!

Outdoor Decorating
- Repaint old usable garden furniture
- Repaint old functional fencing
- Cover a damaged patio with Decking
- Cover a damaged patio with paving
- Pressure wash an old patio
- Fit mirrors to small gardens to look bigger
- Add Potted plants to garden for colour
- Fill Wall cracks and holes and touch up
- Trim Hedges & Shrubs annually

Kitchen Facelifts
- Replace the doors & re-use old cabinets
- Repaint & repair old appliances
- Replace the Worktop
- Fit a new floor
- Replace the taps
- Fit wall mounted storage to reduce clutter
- improve the lighting

Bathroom Facelifts
- Clean or Re-grout old Tiling
- Replace an old floor
- Replace old Taps
- Put in a storage Cabinet
- Replace old Blinds
- Improve the lighting
- Fit a good Mirror
- Replace old bathroom fittings
- Fit a Towel Warmer

Improving Storage
- Install Shelving, Cupboards & Drawer Units
- Install Storage box units
- Store items in removable boxes
- Put in a Window seat with storage capacity
- Install under bed storage
- Board & access the Loft for storage

Securing Your Home
- Install timer switches for Lights
- Fit solid Exterior Doors
- Fit Insurance approved Exterior door Locks
- Fit a Door viewer/peep hole
- Fit a door security chain
- Fit deadlocks to exterior doors
- Install exterior security lights with PIR sensors
- Install a smoke alarm
- Install a Carbon Monoxide alarm
- Fit locks to sheds & outbuildings
- Secure Ladders & exterior Tools
- Install a wireless alarm system
- Cover or Store Garden furniture
- Fit a side fence & gate

Selling Your Home Preparation
- Repair, renew or replace old or damaged items
- repair holes & cracks
- tighten loose door hinges, knobs & handles
- facelift or replace old bathroom facilities
- facelift or replace old kitchen facilities
- Tidy the garden, trim, weed & clean
- Put in some colourful potted plants
- Store all the house clutter
- Fix leaking plumbing
- Make sure everything is in working order
- Make sure everything is in a clean condition
- Put in an air freshener



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