Perform Your own annual Plumbing Inspection

Perform your own basic annual plumbing inspection

·      Check all your pipes are insulated

·      Check for leaks along the pipe joints

·      Check for leaks on the Taps, Mixer units & Shower fittings

·      Check for leaks in your Toilet cisterns & Water tank

·      Check the water pressure on taps, mixer units & shower fittings

·      Check all the Stop Cock valves are able to open & close

·      Check all Isolation valves are able to open & close

Make sure you know where your main incoming Stop Cock is located!

·      A green colour around a copper pipe can indicate a leak

·      Water flowing out of the overflow pipe (usually located on the outside) can indicate a  faulty ball valve

·      Water continuously flowing into the toilet bowl can indicate a faulty ball valve

·      Insufficient water to flush with can indicate a faulty Siphon

·      If you catch a dripping tap early, it can be a simple cheap repair to replace the washer

·      Leaving it can result in the whole tap unit needing to be replaced

·      Discovering & repairing a stiff Stop Cock can save you from major water damage, as  can your main Stop Cock & Isolation valves

·      Repairing a leaking Toilet or Water tank can save you money on your water bill

·      Non-insulated pipes can result in freezing water & burst pipes occurring, which can result in major water damage to the property

Note: If in doubt call in a reputable Tradesman



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