Do it Yourself or Hire a Pro!


Do it Yourself or hire a Pro!

Solving this question can be the difference between a home-improvement success story or utter failure

How to determine the best route to take on a home improvement project:

1. Assess your skills

  • Do you enjoy physical labor & getting dirty?
  • Do you have the necessary skills required?
  • Check with others who may have tackled similar projects, consult books & other resources
  • Write down each step in the process
  • Who can lend a hand if you hit a stumbling block?
  • Leave electrical wiring, water & gas to Tradesman
  • You need to know the Local building codes & regulations

 2. Consider the costs

  • DIY can give you savings of up to 25%.
  • Mistakes result in expensive reworking.
  • You can save costs by doing “unskilled” tasks & cleanup, & leaving skilled work to Tradesman
  • Get multiple quotes
  • Act as your own general contractor, & farm out the actual work to subcontractors

3. Evaluate your options

  • The time it takes to go it alone adds up
  • Six hours a week for a 48-hour project, will take eight weeks
  • A contractor, can be there all day, & has connections for subcontractors resulting in faster completion
  • You can pay more attention to detail than a contractor might
  • Hesitant homeowners should take small, careful steps leading to an involved DIY project
  • Completing projects yourself helps maintain the privacy of your home
  • Successful DIY can earn you bragging rights

Don’t Forget

  • Does your Insurance cover you for damage?
  • Does your Insurance cover you for injury & Liability?

Note: If in doubt call in a reputable Tradesman



Very happy to be quoted on your site - however, you have only dome some fairly small job for us so far - but we were very happy indeed with the result.
Juanita West, West End, Surrey,

Liability Insured

Member of Guild of Master Craftsmen