Spring DIY

Winter's weather can be brutal on your home.

With spring just around the corner, it's time to think about a few DIY projects around the house.

Smoke alarms

The batteries and the function of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors should be checked and changed. When it is time to spring forward, it is time to change those batteries. 

Gates, Fences & Decking

Check for gates sagging or scraping along the ground. Check for damaged or warped fence panels or posts. Check for damaged or loose deck panels. Get them repaired or replaced. Stain or paint Fencing, Decking and garden furniture to prevent water damage etc.

Sidewalks, driveways and patios

Check for cracks and get them repaired, before they create bigger problems. 


Clean out the gutters so they don't back up and cause water damage on the side of your home. To prevent future clogging it is a good idea to install gutter guards.

Windows and doors

Check for Built-up dirt and grime and clean them as required. Check for jamming, squeaking or damaged hinges. Check the condition of the frames and repair them if required. Block air leaks around the frames.


Organize garage clutter to utilize the space better. Keep tools in place with a peg board. Store other items such as nails, rolls of tape, paint buckets, etc. in storage containers on shelves.  Check for roof leaks and ingress of water through the doors. Get the repairs done to prevent any damage to the garage contents.


Check for water stains which can indicate a water leak. Locate and repair the leak or cause first. Have the stain sealed then repainted.

Roofing & Flashing

Look for trouble spots on top of the roof. Check in the attic for signs of moisture. Look for pinpoints of daylight showing through. Check for broken or improperly installed roof flashing. Repair or replace as required.

Facia and Soffit 

Check for damaged or loose Facia and Soffit boards. Paint, Repair or replace as required. It is also the perfect time to clean of dirt/grime and growth from winter.

Basements or crawlspace. 

Keep these spaces dry to protect against dry rot, prevent moist air from being drawn up into the living space, and arrest the growth of mold.  Check for any damp or moisture and have it treated and repaired.


Check woodwork for wood-rot, damp or damage. Have the wood-rot treated, repaired and painted.


Check the Hob Extractor Filter and clean or replace. Check that all the correct filters are fitted.


Spring time is perfect for getting the Annual Garden Maintenance done, and also for any garden projects. Check and clean out drains and ditches of debris. 

Note: If in doubt call in a reputable Tradesman


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