Awesome Africa Handyman - Painting & Decorating Services

Very happy to be quoted on your site - however, you have only dome some fairly small job for us so far - but we were very happy indeed with the result.
Juanita West, West End, Surrey,

Liability Insured

Member of Guild of Master Craftsmen

We undertake a variety of Painting and decorating Projects. We paint both interior and exterior. We decorate and undertake alterations or renovations.

We paint large projects or individual items such as:

  • Walls and ceilings
  • Skirtings and mouldings
  • Doors, windows and woodwork
  • Metalwork
  • Barges, facia and soffit boards
  • Outside buildings and structures
  • Fences and sheds

We wallpaper large projects or individual items such as:

  • walls and ceilings
  • lining paper
  • repairs

We make good for large projects or individual items such as:

  • walls and ceilings
  • woodwork
  • skirtings and mouldings

We undertake large projects or individual items such as:

  • plastering
  • sealing baths, showers, basins, bidets and toilets
  • sealing kitchens sinks and work tops
  • sealing damp surfaces
  • sealing stained surfaces
  • sealing doors and windows

We also do the:

  • removing of partition walls
  • building new partition walls
  • filling in doors and window cavities
  • creating new door and window cavities
  • fitting thermal boards
  • fitting aquaboards
  • fitting plaster plasterboard
  • treating damp, wood rot and mould

Painting and decorating problems we investigate are:

  • faded walls and ceilings
  • flaking paint
  • damaged wall surfaces
  • damaged ceilings
  • faded doors and windows
  • damaged doors and windows
  • faded skirtings and mouldings
  • damaged skirtings and mouldings
  • faded metalwork
  • faded barges, facia and soffit boards
  • damaged barges, facia and soffit boards
  • faded fences
  • wood rot in wood work
  • damp walls
  • stained walls
  • loose wallpaper or lining paper
  • damaged wallpaper or lining paper
  • poor insulation in walls
  • poor insulation in ceilings
  • poor insulation in floors
  • damaged bath seal
  • damaged shower seal
  • discoulered bath seal
  • discoulered shower seal