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We undertake a variety of Radiator services.

We fit, repair and replace individual items such as:

  • Fit and Replace radiator and valves
  • Balance, Flush and bleed radiators
  • Immersion heater replacement

We also do the:

  • Kitchen installations
  • Bathroom installations
  • Re-route plumbing supply and drainage as required, boxed in or hidden in the walls
  • Boxing in of unsightly piping
  • Chasing unsightly piping into the walls
  • Pipe lagging and insulation
Very happy to be quoted on your site - however, you have only dome some fairly small job for us so far - but we were very happy indeed with the result.
Juanita West, West End, Surrey,

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Member of Guild of Master Craftsmen

Plumbing Problems we investigate:

  • Hot water cylinder leaks
  • Central heating radiator leaking
  • Central heating radiator valve leaking
  • Central heating radiator not working
  • Central heating radiator hot at bottom and cold at top
  • Central heating radiator hot at top and cold at bottom
  • Radiators furthest from boiler are cool
  • Central heating radiator to hot
  • Central heating creaking
  • Central heating banging
  • Central heating humming
  • Central heating rushing noise in pipes
  • Top floor radiators cold
  • Top floor radiators hot and lower floor radiators cold